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It has been a while since I have posted; here's why.
By best count, it has been nearly a decade since I have posted on this site.  Most of my old articles (maybe all) I have decided to archive.  But recent events, including Big Tech's censoring of the leader of the Free World last week, have made me realize that some of what I post may be important to keep around on some other platform that I more easily control.  I recognize that I may be the only one who cares what I have to say, and, even if so, I have found value in reading my past thoughts and find my younger-self often teaching my present-self truths I had forgotten.  Often enough, as well, I have seen some of my thoughts as younger-self change over time--so far not directionally, but in more of a "refining-the-course" sort of way.

At this point, I plan to post some more formal writings as well as snippets from social media that I write and want to copy here.  I've turned off comments so, if you have something to say, you're smart enough to figure out how to say it to me or someone else somewhere else.  I don't have plans to say everything as perfectly as possible or to provide all the necessary context I (or you, the reader) may want and, while I know it isn't really possible, I expect those that are good-hearted will grant me grace when I need it.  I will also continue to journal personally, with my love of smooth paper, good pens, and quality inks.

As I fully expect at some point--if trends continue as they are with Big Tech--to be banned and sent to the modern-day equivalent of a re-education camp (virtually on the Internet like the current POTUS or, I hope not, physically like the re-education camps of present- and past-day nations).  Perhaps my words will last long enough to have a positive effect somewhere, some day, for someone, some how.

God is on the throne, has been and always will be, and my life is but a fleeting vapor as He prepares all of us for an eternity we cannot even fathom from where we are today.

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